Namaste everyone! I am from Vizag, AP, India and have been living in Munich since 10 years for now. I`m basically an Electronics & Communications Engineer, worked with WIPRO for 3 yrs. After which i found it not anymore interesting and started to concentrate on my childhood passion. I have been singing since i was 5 years old. I learnt Carnatic Music for 7 years and am proud to be a humble disciple of my guru, Kulapathi Sri Indraganti Venkata Lakshmana Sastry, popularly known as I.V.L.Sastry, who vowed to impart classical music to aspirants free of cost and started the Sangeetha Janakulam. It marked the turn in the tide of not just his life alone but also in a musical ambience at Vizag for, it immensely benefited the aspirants. I have given many Carnatic Music concerts back in India, performed several times as a child artist in All India Radio(AIR) and also stood runner up in ``Padutha Theeyaga``, a popular programme hosted by Padma Sri S.P.Balasubrahmanyam, in 1996. After a long gap,i fortunately found a batch of good enthusiasts with common passion which i feel connected us together!

My zeal is to spread Carnatic Music, create awareness about it and also pass this ancient treasure to future generations. I have been already conducting Carnatic Music classes here in Munich, since a year on request of people which pushed me to do it further. I believe music is a vehicle which elevates one's mental caliber. It creates no impediment for the general education. Scientifically it establishes that those learning music have fared better in their studies as it helps to develop concentration. I believe in my guru, who used to advise often: "Thyagaraja Swamy has set a lifestyle to be an idealistic teacher. Those who have no necessity to struggle for livelihood can adopt the lifestyle of Thyagaraja and help spread popularise classical music.", which has been one of the reasons for CMA to take it`s shape!!

Sowjanya Aryasomayajula

Hello All! Basically I am from Bangalore,India, where I was born and brought up. I have my Masters in Mechanical Engineering from RWTH Aachen University and currently working as a Product Development Engineer at HILTI Deutschland.

I have been learning and practicing music since I was 10 years old. I am a trained Musician with a solid background of Carnatic Music through wonderful teachers I have had till now. My most recent guru was the direct Sishya parampara of Sri Muthuswamy Dikshithar, one of the Carnatic Music trinity. I have given many Carnatic music concerts back in India and continuing to give many here in Munich too, where I met and performed with many talented musicians.

I believe that it's very essential to pass the knowledge onto next generation and I feel Carnatic Music Academy(CMA) is the best channel through which I can do this service. Happy to have connected with the like minded people here!!

Muralidhar Venkatraman

Namaste! I am a music enthusiast hailing from Hassan, India and living in Munich since 1year.

 I have my Masters in Mechanical Engineering from RWTH Aachen University and currently working as a design specialist at HILTI Deutschland.

I have been pursuing Carnatic Vocal and light music for more than 10years. I am trained under Vidwan B.N.S. Murali, who is a dis­ciple of Ganakalabushana Vidwan R. K. Padmanabha. I have a Senior Degree in Carnatic Vocal and have per­for­med in varied multi-cultural fests in India and Germany.Through Carnatic Music Academy(CMA), I aspire to promote Carnatic Music in Germany. I wish to contribute towards music by spreading the know­ledge I have acquired from my Guru.

Smitha Manjunath

Music is everywhere as a famous quote says, we just need a medium to harness it.


I am a software engineer from Bengaluru working in Munich from past 3 years. I am a Carnatic enthusiast with 8 years of training in carnatic classical singing under the guidance & teaching from Smt. Vidya Nagaraj, Smt. Nagalakshmi & Smt. Seetha Ramachandra. My learning journey continues at present under the guidance of Smt. Vrinda Raghavendra. I am excited to be part of this group & to contribute towards spreading Carnatic music.

Akhila Manjunath Avadhani

I am a trained carnatic classical singer, originally from Bangalore, India. I have been learning music from the age of 7. I have learnt music from Mrs. Savithi Viswanath (vidwath) who was a student of Vid.Tirumakudalu Chowdiah. She continued learning more music in later years from Vid. R.K.Padmanabhan. I have finished my Junior exam in Music and training for senior. I have also learnt Sugama sangeetha from kannada singer Ratnamala Prakash. I am an electronics engineer by profession and singing is my hobby, which I also want to pass on to the next generations. 


Regular practice and perseverance will help us all learn and excel at musical skills. A good base in music is a good start to pursue vocal singing or even to pursue an instrument. Incorporating a discipline in oneself will help us achieve any goal. We at CMA will strive to instill a discipline in all our students, setting an example by doing.


Arpitha Suresh

I was introduced to Carnatic classical music at home through my mother Smt. Padma Ananth. Having acquired a basic understanding in Carnatic Music at home, I got later trained by late Sri. KJ Venkatachar Principal of Mysore Ayyangar College of Music and also a disciple of T. Chowdaih. I completed the Junior level examination at the age of 11 and continued my musical journey further at the same institution.

With musically inclined family, my teaching experience was a compulsion to support my mother by conducting musical class in her absence at home. And now I would like to contribute and be a part of team CMA Munich, where people strive to preserve and promote the greatness of Carnatic classical music rich heritage alive by their selfless service.


Shalini Satish

I am from Chennai, India. I have been living in Munich since 2011. I came here to do Master studies in Communication Electronics at Technical University of Munich and later joined Infineon Technologies, Neubiberg for work. I am employed as Digital Designer for Memory Controllers.

Music has been my passion since my childhood and I have been dedicating significant time for pursuing it as my hobby. With the blessings of my guru, Smt. Lakshmi Ananthakrishnan (AIR artist ,Chennai), I have also been giving performances from time to time in India for the past ten years and have started performing in a few places in Germany as well. I strongly believe that Carnatic music helps to connect the mind and the soul. The experience is humbling and I would love to share my knowledge with all of you.

Akshaya Prashanthi

Hello everybody, i basically come from Bangalore, India and have been living in Munich since 2 years. I have a Masters degree  in Mechanical Engineering from RWTH Aachen University and have been  working as a functional developer at BMW.


Music has been a vital part of my life ever since I was a little kid when I  started learning it from my grand mother, my first  Guru.

I have been pursuing Carnatic music for about 10 years now under Vidushi Meenakshi Ravi. I have a Junior Degree in Carnatic Vocal. 

I, along with the entire team hope to keep the Spirit of Carnatic Classical music going in Munich, through Carnatic Music Academy(CMA).

Vaishnavi Bharathraj

About CMA Munich

Carnatic Music Academy(CMA) Munich strives to propagate and preserve, the treasure of India`s ancient & popular classical music culture towards the coming generations.

For, Rhythm and Harmony find their way to innermost soul and take strongest hold upon it.


Watsapp @: +49 17641570642


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