India`s classical Music Tradition, including Carnatic & Hindustani music, has a history spanning millenia & developed over several eras. It remains fundamental to the lives of Indians today as sources of spiritual inspiration, cultural expression & pure entertainment. We pledge to put our best efforts to spread/promote our ancient Music culture and cherish to pass it on to younger generations. 

Though new technology has made learning easier with the availability of quick learn media, Carnatic Music Academy (CMA) for the first time ever in Munich, takes this initiative to provide its beginners  a strong fundamental foundation for carnatic music, emphasizing the idea of face-to-face learning.

We believe ancient Music has a power of forming the character, can help spark your imagination, can ignite a lifetime passion and can change the world.

Our Mission

Carnatic Music Academy(CMA) Munich, helps you get introduced to the basic fundementals of Carnatic Music and provides academic courses at the ease of your availability. We look forward to preserve the culture and spread the treasure of Indian Classical Music at our best and hope for a culturally literate society , thus inspiring to evoke highest aspirations.


Our Vision

Carnatic Music Academy (CMA) takes this initiative to provide its beginners, a strong fundamental foundation for Carnatic Music, thus enabling better spiritual & cultural upliftment for younger generations as well as to people of interest.

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About CMA Munich

Carnatic Music Academy(CMA) Munich strives to propagate and preserve, the treasure of India`s ancient & popular classical music culture towards the coming generations.

For, Rhythm and Harmony find their way to innermost soul and take strongest hold upon it.

Email: info.cmamunich@gmail.com

Watsapp @: +49 17641570642


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